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Mind, Body Healing Through Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, and Neuro-Emotional Therapy

Wildflower Chiropractic

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About Us

About Wildflower Chiropractic

Wildflower Chiropractic is a health care facility in Chattanooga, TN, that focuses on mind and body healing through chiropractic care, massage therapy, and neuro-emotional therapy. Dr. Mel has been in the health and wellness field since 2016. She is dedicated to providing you with the best care possible and believes in treating the root cause of your problems and not just the symptoms.

chiropractic care

Our Services

All services are structured with a
mind-body/Psychosomatic approach!


Chiropractic Care


Soft Tissue Rehab

(Massage Therapy)


30 minute Focused Stretching Sessions




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Service Descriptions:

chiropractic adjustment chattanooga


Dr. Melissa specializes in Torque Release Technique (AKA TRT). TRT is a tonal chiropractic technique. Tonal Chiropractic refers to a refined and very gentle model of chiropractic that is focused on giving you the most precise and least invasive adjustment possible. TRT focuses a lot of attention to the strategic and vital connection points between the spinal cord and spinal column. As we gently and methodically adjust these areas of your spine, we are changing the degree of tension in the central nervous system. This helps stabilize your nervous system, to better adapt to the world around you.

Torque Release Technique is:

  • Safe.

  • Gentle.

  • Effective.

  • Low Force.

  • Able to be used on all ages and body types, including children, pregnant women, and the aging. 

  • Involves no twisting and no "popping".

*Dr. Melissa is trained in manual adjusting techniques, and can administer them as needed, but they do require prior x-rays. 

*Dr. Melissa works with several places in the Chattanooga, Clevland, and Dayton area for referral imaging. 

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Service Descriptions:

massage wildflower chiropractic

Soft tissue rehab / Integrated Massage Therapy

Integrated Massage Therapy is a massage technique that mixes both therapeutic and relaxation massage. Both the medicinal and spa sides of massage therapy have their purpose. Medicinal/therapeutic work focuses on rehabilitation of tight or fatigued muscles and can be more intense and even painful. Spa/relaxation massage work focuses on getting the client to relax, decrease stress, gently increase blood flow, and bring a state of peace. Integrated work brings the best of both to the table. Combining flowing strokes with trigger point work, breath work, and muscle therapy, integrated massage treats both the mind and the body.

(Some massage modalities will be incorporated into your average chiropractic office visit. We will tailor make a plan for you that adds and utilizes things such as stretching, trigger points, diaphragm work, breath work, Brain-Based Chiropractic care (coming soon), and NET (coming soon), into your average spinal check appointment.)

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Service Descriptions:

Massage chiropractic

30 Minute Target Stretch sessions

These stretch sessions are done in stretchy/gym style clothes and focus on 1 problem area, using trigger point, pin and stretch, PNF stretching, rolling, vibration and more. This option is great for soft tissue maintenance care or care for if you have a sudden flare up. The idea behind this is to dedicate time to one area without the need to disrobe or get covered in lotion.


Dr. Melissa incorporates these types of modalities into her chiropractic office visits, but not all chiropractors work this way. This is a great addition if you currently have and love your chiropractor, but want to add a little extra easy, quick, and attainable TLC to your health care routine. 

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Service Descriptions:

massage NET chiropractic

Neuro-Emotional Therapy 

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a mind-body approach that focuses on the treatment of stress-related conditions that manifest within the body. It is a holistic mind-body approach that helps resolve emotional stress and trauma that can also manifest as physical symptoms in the body. Ever feel like you have done everything for your pain and nobody can figure out what it is, so they send you on your way? NET is another avenue to try. Did your pain start shortly after an emotional trauma? NET practitioners are trained to assist the body's healing process by identifying and balancing unresolved these emotional influences. NET uses a process known as manual muscle testing to identify “negative emotional complexes” (NEC) that are being stored in the body and helps release or resolve them. 

*NET is not a replacement for medications, psychotherapy, or necessary medical intervention for mental or physical health conditions, but it may act as a fantastic supplement to your current physical and mental health care regimen.


About The Doc:

About Dr. Melissa

Hay everyone! My name is Dr. Melissa Powell, or Dr. Mel for short. I graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC in June of 2020. Before chiropractic school I got my bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences, with a focus in Biopsychology, from Life University in Marietta, GA in 2015. I also got my massage therapy certification from Southeastern Institute in Columbia, SC in 2016. I enjoy being outdoors, reading, shopping local, and spending time with my family. My husband, Luke, and I have a daughter, Violette, and 2 fur babies.

Now, let's get to the real stuff. I have always had a love for psychology and anatomy. Throughout my decade long college career, I developed that love further, into a love for the psychosomatic (relating to the interaction of mind and body) side of health and I want to bring an experience that treats you from a mind, body, and spirit perspective, because you are a whole person!

I am openly a neurodivergent (an umbrella term for anyone who has a brain that diverges from what is seen as typical or "normal". Referring to attention, functioning, processing, learning, etc...) practitioner, as I have ADHD, dyslexia, PTSD, and anxiety. I share this, because I know how hard it is, especially in health care, to feel seen and heard and I want to be a health care provider who can really sit with you, listen to you, and relate to you. I am also a proud supporter of underrepresented and underserved populations; ALL people are welcome in my office. Who YOU are is important to me, and I want to welcome you with open arms into my office. 😊

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go beyond fitness

Check Out my Business Affiliate Go Beyond Fitness©, for personal training and exercise needs:

"Going to a gym with dozens of other people can be intimidating, especially when we are most comfortable amongst ourselves, friends, and family.  At Go Beyond Fitness, it's not a gym, it's your very own private training studio.  You are free to lift like nobody's watching in a safe, supportive, encouraging, and inclusive environment.  Get all of the best qualities of going to the gym or fitness center with a trainer and all of the privacy of being at home flexing like your favorite superhero." 

Go Beyond Fitness also helps support your training with nutritional counseling, and soon to be offering a number of different types of classes, such as group fitness (with 6 or less participants per group), yoga, meditation, and dance fitness. 

*Wildflower Wellness is located within Go Beyond Fitness, making this a dynamic duo of mind and body work! 

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Wildflower Wellness Collective:

Here at Wildflower, we are all about YOU. How can we help you heal better, feel better, and be the best version of you?

The biggest thing I've seen impacting my patients these days is STRESS. So, how can we manage stress outside your time in our space? 

I've come up with the idea of creating a collective of all types of other local small businesses! We can not only support local (and stimulate local economy), but we can mitigate the stress of finding someone you can trust for - you name it - ! Health and wellness related or not. Looking for a good therapist? Looking for a mechanic you can trust? Looking for someone to do your brows? We've got it!

Check out my partners at the link below, and send me a DM/text if you are interested in becoming a partner! 

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